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That Light will love the lady try facts so you’re able to Misa, perhaps not chance, and you may she immediately immerses herself towards which envisioned relationships

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That Light will love the lady try facts so you’re able to Misa, perhaps not chance, and you may she immediately immerses herself towards which envisioned relationships

Finally, it is far from a strategy that’s uncommon for White in any event. We’ve viewed your have fun with and you can kill strangers just who got as well romantic so you can Kira just before – it isn’t personal, it is simply Light seeking to make certain Kira’s win throughout new same suggests as prior to. It isn’t regarding the Misa after all. He virtually simply came across their.

Misa meanwhile seems to have pulled the latest kiss since the an indication of the matchmaking having feel genuine, while the real is really what she seem to recalls it are

Back to Misa, she proclaims both Light using the lady and you may White simply acting was each other good because of the the girl. From here on, Misa takes they for granted you to both of chatrandom the happiness lays in starting to be together. Light never ever declares he or she is complete acting, it is Misa exactly who find his affections on her need be genuine even with little one ways which particularly. She simply begins treating him due to the fact the woman actual sweetheart from this point into the aside. Misa’s Nr step 1 talent is generate-trust, really.

With the rest of their pre-Yotsuba affairs fit the fresh new mainly based shape pretty well. This may you need to be value bringing-up one to Light’s whole schmaltzy ‘I can love you far more for individuals who query Rem to help you kill L’ are a beneficial pissed test from the destroy handle once Misa endangers him or her by the coming to select your.

Shut-right up kiss happens, Misa coming to college or university happens, confinement goes. Worthy of repeated the following is you to definitely Light and you can Misa have legitimately only met 3 x before Yotsuba Arch.

Through the confinement, Misa fundamentally do show dedication not to spoil White given that she pleads for death and then simply budges from if Rem takes the lady memory thus she won’t be able in order to spill any secrets in spite of how far this woman is tortured. This lady obsession with White fulfills the emptiness from inside the Misa’s notice and is what provides the lady going so far.

The new extend from the girl estimated thread that have White goes thus far one to she assumes on another wedding and you will details his father once the ‘dad’ on the nightmare of the car drive. Which just… because an aside. Forth towards the Yotsuba Arc.

Brand new interesting benefit of it timeline is that we obtain in order to see exactly how Misa and you can Light experience one another with no of the Kira-scheming inside, as the that is what stayed between them immediately following quitting its recollections.

Light cannot contemplate his reasons getting acting becoming the woman sweetheart and you may realistically renounces its whole dating. Just what stays is actually a feeling of are exhausted because of the Misa hence.. is exactly exactly what she performed, very.

Main here is one to she knows she’s going to keep her love to possess Light (or rather, the lady notion of White) despite quitting control

In the event Misa gets disturb on Light denying to-be the woman boyfriend, Misa has insisting on the union in any event. Getting rejected form absolutely nothing to the lady.

This is moments after she cries on significantly more than panel. Obviously Misa isn’t really about to bring a zero. That it continues on inside totality of your arch. Light states they’re not relationship, Misa will continue to play the role of if they’re. Light rejects this lady, Misa only occurs so you’re able to him stronger to the point where she tries to come across a means to create him bed together with her.

Misa’s fascination with Light has been simply wish fulfillment. She totally ignores your image of Light she’s inside the their direct will not conflate that have reality.

In case it is just what White wants, upcoming Misa do help capturing Kira (thus efficiently betraying the one who avenged the lady moms and dads). Provided their position while the Light’s partner is not threatened she is at minimum some versatile in order to his desires.

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