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When she gone back to Egypt of the lady see which have Queen Solomon she had erected a forehead since the nothing you’ve seen prior viewed

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When she gone back to Egypt of the lady see which have Queen Solomon she had erected a forehead since the nothing you’ve seen prior viewed

To own Their Name is YAHUWAH

Imanuel Velikofsky in the book “Many years into the chaos” shows usually that “Queen out of Sheba” are none other than brand new king pharaoh “Hatshuput” The guy substantiates this with many historical evidences. New frameworks is such nothing other when you look at the Egypt ahead of or immediately following. The design is actually good fax out-of Queen Solomons forehead in the Jerusalem..walked framework.. terraced home gardens close etc..His talk regarding the topic boasts a study of a carved brick bas rescue cataloging the newest butt looted on forehead because of the certainly the woman successors ..I think Tutmose III when the my personal recollections provides correctly. By firmly taking a look at just what Velikofsky found…In the guide “Age When you look at the Chaos” I’m hoping there is they interesting as i has. .I’m an effective craftsman a good shipwright within the Ballard. Particular the way i find old record fascinating. .enjoy…M

Better Mel! this is basically the facts…The newest English word to possess “God” was a source of distress for Christians because the at the least the fresh new Anglo-Saxon time. Webster’s The newest Collegiate Dictionary claims your resource of one’s word ‘god’ originates from good Germanic keyword ‘gad,’ obvious since “gohdt.”

The following details about the foundation of your own word ‘god’ will help understand this i utilize it within our vernacular.

God – The fresh new English term Jesus is actually the same to your Anglo-Saxon term to have “good,” and therefore it is considered that the name Goodness makes reference to brand new divine goodness. (Look for Oehler’s Theol. out-of Old Attempt.; Strong’s and you will Young’s concordances.) (Off Brand new Unger’s Bible Dictionary) Further information towards supply of our word getting ‘God’ was listed below:

Word supply: God – The keyword jesus dates back via Germanic so you can Indo-European, where a corresponding predecessor function suggested “invoked you to definitely.” The fresh new word’s merely thriving low-Germanic cousin are Sanskrit hu, invoke the gods, a type hence seems on the Rig veda, most ancient out of Hindu scriptures: puru-hutas, “much invoked,” epithet of your own rain-and-thunder-god Indra.

Now if the offer listed a lot more than is actually right, then your term that people use into the Finest Are, God, is inspired by an extremely pagan source. Thus the phrase goodness is utilized generically by many additional religions to mention to their deity or “invoked that.”

One thing written in brand new qaran cannot be trusted as it’s satanic in nature

really here’s a surprise for you Mel ,and this god will you be talking about because you slightly correctly say the newest Qua-went try of one’s devil, better thus ‘s the word-of jesus you’re speaking of, as Yahuwah (Yahweh) is not jesus along with his keyword is just the 5 courses of Moses plus the book out-of disclosure. the individuals may be the just word you to definitely came from Yahuwah all of our dad inside eden. it had been man you to definitely created the the phrase off jesus to have our very own wamba dad said i’m called above all brands. maybe not I’m the fresh goodness first and foremost gods. jesus, lord, was but titles and you may people material else we wish to call your is a concept . Together with SONS Name is YAHUSHUA. Perhaps not Goodness Because Jesus Simply Came into This new BIBLE As much as 1611 He was An ARAMAIC HEBREW Not ENGLISH And other Term In just about any Most other Language. Now i do have difficulty in fact it is his phrase. their phrase has evolved very first by the Hebrew nation to Elohim , following by Catholics which in fact created the bible (72 guides) inside 395 advertising and of the Martin Luther from inside the 1611 66 books and therefore all bibles pursue now in his structure. So now And this Keyword Could you be These are.

.only one to written in the newest Holy Bible as the word-of God are respected..there’s no allah, another name to possess satan,the fresh new liar

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