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But a few months into our relationship he lied to me about a friend

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But a few months into our relationship he lied to me about a friend

hi I’m Lexi so lately my boyfriend doesn’t seem to wanna be with me anymore he says he loves me and cares for me but I don’t believe so I feel like a ghost and a bother when I’m with him he’s always hanging with his friends or family and I’m scared he doesn’t love me anymore and he only wants me for my body I feel hes coming up with excuses and he will never let me look at his phone once ever since we stated dating and lately he says hes been “sleeping” during the day time form 4-6 hours I’m afraid hes cheating on me and I don’t know what to do

Told me she was gay and that she had a girlfriend

let me advice you by saying don’t ever lose hope now its your time to look what God has been given you….you must wait until you get what you deserve……everything happens slowly

Now he’s trying to say the reason he’s leaving me is because he doesn’t know what he wants and doesn’t know how he feels about me and he’s unsure if he loves me

So my boyfriend (now ex) and I live together. We’ve been planning a future, he’s been looking at houses and talking about marriage and all that good stuff. Well on Friday, we got into this huge argument. I wanted to have a date night but his female friend said she needed to talk to him. So he went to her.. he said he’d be back by 6:30, but lost track of time, and I was okay with that. But when I talked to him at 7:30, he said it’d be another hour or 2 before he came home. And like any woman, I was angry. I was hurt because I felt like he was choosing her over me. I said some very awful things about his friend. And accused him of cheating on me. I’ve always had trust issues and I thought I could have trust in him. I found out that none of that was the case and they had actually been romantically involved. So I do have a hard time with trusting him. Well, Friday night, after the argument, he finally came home. And he broke up with me. I know and understand that I messed up. But he won’t give me a chance to talk to him about it.. He just keeps telling me that he’s been thinking about this for about 4 months. But I don’t believe that. You just know when someone loves you. The way they look at you and hold you. He would text me randomly telling me he loved me almost everyday while at work. But now he’s saying he was confused that xmatch hesap silme whole time and was lying about loving me. What can I do to try to get him to open up to me and work things out?

I think that talking to him will not do much good. I think he has told you the truth but it’s hard, sometimes, to accept a truth that we don’t like or that hurts us. Believe me, this doesn’t mean that he doesn’t or never loved you. Of course he does. But he IS confused and he needs time without you to figure things out. I would let him have this time and try to focus on yourself instead. Maybe this is a time for you, a golden opportunity to deal with your trust issues, that if left “intreated” will only come back to haunt whethehr it’s with this guy or any other guy you’ll meet in the future. You see, when someone has “trust issues”, they kind of send out this vibe that they actually expect their spouse to lie. To violate their trust. And when they do, we are so surprised that our expectation has realized, has manifested. If you ever want to have a happy relationship with anyone, this is the issue to take care of first. You have to put your past behind you. Even if a hundred guys lied to you in the past, ,it doesn’t mean that the next guy will do it too. Unless you expect him to, that is. Do you see what I mean? I hope this helps and I wish you all the best.

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