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I am not an INTJ(I am an INFP actually) but I completely go along with you

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I am not an INTJ(I am an INFP actually) but I completely go along with you

After hearing all of them point out that they certainly were an INFP, we politely made an effort to claim that perhaps these were mistyped because we spotted them as more of an ESTP/ESFP and that maybe they need to find out about MBTI before you make your final decision

In my opinion it is very simple to mistype specially when you are fresh to MBTI and do not understand how the many functions jobs. Particularly if you’re inadequate self awareness. What sort of on-line exams tend to be worded you should not really help this either(what younger individual doesn’t have a very good mental attraction for brand new strategies?).

I have somebody near me having used the test various times(kept getting various results everytime) but is convinced that they truly are an INFP. I’d means this person as the stereotypical ESTP/ESFP, someone who really loves partying, does not get worn out from becoming around anyone, strong sense of justice, has many buddies, lives in the moment, cannot manage a hobby independently New Orleans dating service, keeps really sensible goals(wants to get rich, have actually many followers on social media marketing, basically objectives that are a whole lot attaniable), kind-hearted and large, consistently talking selfies, obsessed with social media(status additionally the amount of fans, will get disappointed when individuals convey more than all of them, constantly on other’s personal medias), fun-loving, merely likes party games(like Mario celebration, they have never actually finished all other online game), aggressive, retains grudges, short-tempered, desires to be the middle of attention(most likely because of insufficient self esteem), self confident, dull, believes that folks who’d rather stay home bring a€?no lifea€? and a€?no palsa€?, cares plenty about actual appearance(perhaps not understanding how an acquaintance would want to marry somebody who they deem actually unappealing), inconsiderate, etc.

I have constantly tested as INFP(with INFJ coming in extremely close) and after creating research on MBTI, concur that I’m an INFP(originally before starting my investigation I wanted become an ISFP). I long been artistic (already been joined in competitions by my teachers since I have is children nowadays i am a freelance illustrator), I’ve long been outlined by rest as unique, idealistic(to the level where my personal father(ESTJ) enjoys accused me personally of residing a dream industry(he isn’t incorrect, but I see truth, can’t stand the things I discover, and would like to break free to a world of romanticism and beliefs)) , appreciate game titles and courses with a good story/world building/lore, a loner/hermit(always have a little set of company, few need sticked over time, however, i actually do have significantly more art friends now thanks to Twitter(We just utilize it for artwork though)), constantly felt like and come a black colored sheep, effortlessly forgive other individuals not me, could be social but i am literally and emotionally cleared afterward, empathetic, loves the thought of social activities but will never really head to one(they truly are draining), is afflicted with depression and stress and anxiety but somehow remains upbeat, observant of people, prevents conflict in great amounts, I realize that my ideals include unrealistic therefore not likely to ever come true but i shall pass away trying and refuse to release all of them, etc.

Are fair, I think that once they become adults it becomes clear they are not introverts

They asserted that I found myself wrong(even after admitting they did not actually know what becoming an INFP meant) and so I finished the talk because I didn’t want them to have upset. After reflecting upon it, I realized that person got a few artists(including me) within their lives and that they admire them to a specific level. Simply because they considered they as a€?speciala€? and additionally they as well wanted to end up being a€?speciala€? that they had convinced on their own that they were something that they just weren’t. I additionally believe this particular mistyping might-be due to an unfortunate case of low self esteem(for their moms and dads researching them to an older brother whom happened to be both beautifully talented and academically gifted. They truly are additionally an INFP). I’ve review that it is usual for extroverts to mistype themselves as introverts whether they have lower self-esteem or if perhaps they had one thing occur in yesteryear that generated them be a bit more quiet as children.

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