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The chemistry between Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis was much more believable than that of Natalie Portman and Ashton Kutcher

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The chemistry between Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis was much more believable than that of Natalie Portman and Ashton Kutcher

Fast moving, at times scenic, quite contemporary (meaning that in the future it will be interesting to watch for it’s depiction of our times, flash mobs and the like) and sexy without being erotic, it’s no “Sex and Lucia”, not by a long shot. This is your rainy day movie, or something to pick you up when you haven’t the energy to watch something that requires your brain.

Again, I really LIKE the actors in both, just the script, the story and chemistry was much more enjoyable for me in this movie than the other. .

The chemistry between Justin and Mila is strong. They play off of each other very well and make this movie so much more than it ever could have been with a different cast. I would recommend seeing this movie just because of how well these 2 actors work with one another.

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This movie was exactly what I expected it to be, a moderately funny RomCom with a few giggles, but of course not Oscar Worthy. I do have to say that I enjoyed the cast and writing of this movie better than its similar counterpart, No Strings Attached . (I also thought it was funny that Justin Timberlake was in this movie, yet No Strings Attached was the name of N’Syncs album. missed opportunity J.T!)

The real problem was with trying to play this movie on my computer. It started off ok (when we made the movie full screen the picture was extremely fuzzy) then the video just stopped working, and there was nothing we could do to remedy it. My boyfriend and I ended up having to watch it on my Kindle Fire together. The picture was very clear and the playback was great on the Kindle, but I had really wanted to watch it on a bigger screen and without having to hold the device the entire time.

I personally enjoyed this movie a lot. Justin might not be Oscar material, but he’s very charismatic on the screen and plays a likeable characters with very funny one liners. He definitely doesn’t shy away from making fun of stereotypical bad rom-com movies and it shows. I also love watching Mila Kunis films, so when you add both of them together in a setting where they decide to do random hookups but trying to remain as best friends, I had high expectations for this film.

The first portion of the movie is great. Both of them live on the meat market fast lane of downtown Manhattan and are constantly being dumped by romantic partners over petty issues. Truth to say, the movie begins on a hilarious note.

Fed up of the annoyance of dating and with a tad too many beers, they decide to start to sleep with each other whenever they are in the mood, no strings attached

The issue begins when it has to take the formulaic serious section of the film where Mila starts to harbor feelings for her friend but he doesn’t. The script just isn’t strong enough for a serious drama fest and instead of being compelling, the movie becomes very slow and tedious and never fully recovers. I also had a huge issue when we discover Justin’s father in the film suffers from Alzheimers and Mila feels shocked. It seems really out of place that he’d leave a life-long friend out of the blue of this type of devastating news. Especially since he seems to be rather emotionally close to his parents even though they live in the other side of the country.

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