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In the event that you had the $3,616 correct amount for liens, my loan could have been nearly $1,000 greater

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In the event that you had the $3,616 correct amount for liens, my loan could have been nearly $1,000 greater

Cash 1 is full of. And there employees have some tips as attitudes like they have the business when you begin giving you the face and asking them at you and why queries rolling there eyes. Plus they provide money based on your checking account background even in the event that you have over draft protection . I wonder how much you men get payed like you are better them, to be nasty to folks. Know let us find out if they post this because they can look mad at you

After applying would have been helpful if you had a record. No one had told me to bring a blank check or deposit slip along with my bank routing number and my account number. Secondly, the calculation of Liens didn’t reflect the fact that look at the website I had paid my account off using CheckMate on , so the lien amount of $4. 600 was overstated and incorrect.

I’m a return customer, who had paid off my loan, you would believe like I asked

I’ve encountered two employees. I’ve been into the Nellis store and the woman was rude and really turned me. After obtaining the pre approval over the 24, when I went into the shop on Cheyenne the second encounter was. The teller was about obtaining the paperwork, quite abrasive and rude. She wanted an attitude adjustment although the lobby was active. The lobby was bloated when I arrived after work and the teller was much more friendly and sincere.

No loan is taken by Awful company . I thought you’ll submit in my cash back. June 21 This was the customer told me when I chose the loan. Bad client / give you a incorrect info of payment subsequently submit the check to you. So depressing in my part. Told me that’s how it is I cant do anything. She maintained that she phoned me. I dont believe so. Beware this Provider

I’m delighted with cash 1, but had one accident I made my November payment 4 days believing my payment would not be due until but it went through in Nov so payment was returned, and there were no funds in acct. I have to pay lender $35 plus cash 1 their yield fee. So right now I am out of money I do not have at this time. I guess we could say it was misunderstanding. I have had a good standing. I give it a rate that is fantastic.

I phoned why did you submit the test to my bank that is not ready yet

Most of the time it’s fine and simple but I have been calling for 3 months about a referral check that was suppose to be sent to me or so I was advised for 3 weeks that should of been around $100! Just to learn now that I won’t be getting it and I’ve been told the wrong advice by people for many months and I have been thinking about paying certain bills! So I am quite upset and after my loan is paid off I won’t be using cash one again!

After having an hour I was disappointed with the whole procedure I had been sent clear across town. To get $150! I could get atleast Anyhow, it’s what it is, after this loan is repaid, I will know to not go back, since being a”great PAYING client” doesnt repay here! We as customers pay a great deal of interest back along with the loan amount!

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